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Welcome! Thank you for working with us on this project! 

After you complete the Project Introduction with a member of our study team, you will learn photography tips from a professional photographer in the Introduction to Photography video. You will then be invited to complete six Challenges. For each challenge, you will watch a short video and then answer a question by taking a photograph and writing a short caption. When you’re done, we’ll ask you what you think about the project – what did you like about it, and what can we do better next time.

You will receive compensation for each step of the project as described on the Project Introduction page.

Your Assignments

Introduction to Project

Introduction to Photography

Challenge 1 – Photo/Text – What makes you happy?

Challenge 2 – Photo/Text – What makes you sad?

Challenge 3 – Photo/Text – What is important to you?

Challenge 4 – Photo/Text – What challenges do you face?

Challenge 5 – Photo/Text – How do doctors see you?

Challenge 6 – Photo/Text – What do you want doctors to know about you?

Tell us what you think!

PhotoVoices in Healthcare 

Connecting through Photography 

Funding for this project is provided by a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health.

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